Open Day 2015


On June 13th 2015 the 3rd Open Day at University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology (FIT) took place. This year the campus resonated with the sound of Gospel music: From 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. the FIT offered a Gospel Workshop that 30 music lovers took part in. Under professional guidance of the charismatic Pastor Kirk Smith from Berlin, well-known through the TV series "Voice of Germany", the choir rehearsed 8 Gospel songs, which where then performed to a delighted audience of 145 People at an atmospheric concert in th evening.                                     
                                                                                                                    The audience was carried away by the spirit of the Gospel music and the performance of the "FIT-in-concert-Choir", clapped hands, sang and danced to the partly contemplative and partly powerful songs.


 In the afternoon the Principal of FIT, Prof. Frieder Ludwig, had greeted 70 guests including the Mayor of the Municipality Südheide, Mr Axel Flader, the Commissioner for Integration from the Administrative District Celle, Mrs Ulrike Brinken and the Headmistress of the Christian Grammar School Hermannsburg, Mrs M.B. Schmidt-Hennies.
He thanked the students for their enthusiasm in organizing the open Day 2015 for the first time themselves, as well as all colleagues and staff members, who had helped: "I am impressed. It is really tremendous what  is taking place here. It is like a big ecumenical get-together. Full of praise he said about the students: "They stand out due to creative  energy, analytical abilities, constructive criticism, musicality, tolerance and openness."The Principal explained: "The FIT is a Meeting Point for different denominations." He extended an invitation to all who are interested in other cultures and religions to come and study at the FIT.

The Mayor, Axel Flader, stressed the importance of the FIT - beeing a unique characteristic in the region.


Before the evening concert the students from 25 countries treated guests and Workshop participants to an international buffet with delicacies, such as Suja (Nigeria), Wod (Ethiopia), Satay (Indonesia) and Fufu (Ghana).


Resumé: Gospel and FIT inspired all on the Open Day 2015.


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