The FIT is saddened to learn of the passing of Pastor David Aniefiok Akpan Umoh


Pastor David Aniefiok Akpan Umoh, a student of the ITMG 1 degree course, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Management, faculty, students and staff of the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology are dismayed about the loss of one of their dedicated and appreciated collegues.

Pastor David Aniefiok Akpan Umoh`s fellow students bid a final farewell:


Dear Pastor David Aniefiok Akpan Umoh,

To the glory and honour of God’s praise you have joined the triumphing family in heaven. You laboured as a pioneer in the first gen-eration of African church planters in Dort-mund and you engaged yourself as a bridge builder between the German Protestant Church and the two congregations that you founded. You gained so much trust from these German churches’ leaders that they introduced F.I.T. to you and even wanted to finance your studies which they did when you agreed. Their hope was that you would bring light into the prejudices that try to take over our world. Unfortunately, because of your unexpected and sudden death, this couldn’t be finished as it was thought by men. But we trust that in the hands of our Almighty God, all which you accomplished is made complete. In the eyes of God, your bright day has come when you entered His kingdom where you now enjoy the fruit of your faith and ministry. We F.I.T. students will treasure your memory in our hearts and do the best we can to continue in this land what we have started with you.

In highly respect and in the love of Christ,

yours first group of F.I.T. students in Hermannsburg

Hermannsburg, March 2016




Foto: Landkreis Celle

This picture shows our first year students 2014 visiting the Celle district administration.

Foto: FIT

A diverse group of students with a German or African background is the first B.A. course "Mission Studies and International Diakonia" that started in 2013. Several have before worked as volunteers in social projects around the world, now they study to become professionals in this field.

Foto: FIT

The first students of the B.A. programme Intercultural Theology, Migration and Congregational Leadership have been living in Germany for many years. They form part of the Hanover, Hamburg or Berlin immigrant communities, where they play important roles in the life and activities of mainly African and international congregations.

Foto: FIT

The FIT Hermannsburg brings together students from all parts of the world. The countries of origin of our M.A. students include: Ethiopia, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Myanmar, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Mexico and many more. Thus, intercultural encounters are not only a subject of teaching and studying, but a part of daily campus life. The picture shows our students who started in 2013 (with two ladies missing).

Foto: FIT

... and here are some of those who started in 2012. In June 2014 they finished the course.