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Getting Here

By Air

The nearest airport is Hannover Airport which is a main international airport with regular flights from all over the world. The airport is situated in Langenhagen which is 11 kilometres to the north of Hannover centre and has easy access to the autobahn. Hermannsburg is approximately 70 kilometres from Hannover airport with an estimated driving time of 60 minutes. Hannover airport is also accessible by a combination of trains, buses and taxis. Other options are the international airports of Bremen and Hamburg. 

By Public Transport

You can travel by train (Deutsche Bahn and Metronom) to Celle or Unterlüß.

From Celle main station, you can take a public bus that brings you either directly to Hermannsburg or to the Schlossplatz in Celle, where more buses leave for Hermannsburg. It takes 45-60 minutes to get to Hermannsburg from Celle. Getting off at Hermannsburg Ortmitte, the university is a 10 minute walk away in the Missionsstraße on the grounds of the former Mission Seminary.

From Unterlüß, it takes about 20 minutes, but there are only very few buses. Our office can call a taxi for you, if you announce your arrival in advance.

Anfahrt nach Hermannsburg

By Car

Hermannsburg is 28 kilometres from the nearest autobahn, but is located near the main B3 route which runs from north to south.

Travelling from the north (Hamburg), after leaving the highway A7 at Soltau Süd (45), you take the B3 to Bergen. There, a road sign will direct you to Hermannsburg.

If you drive from Hannover or Brunswick (Braunschweig) to Celle, please stay on the B3 in the dircetion of Hamburg. In the village Groß Hehlen, a sign will direct you to Hermannsburg.

If you drive on the B4 coming from Gifhorn or Uelzen, once you have arrived in the village Sprakensehl, follow the sign to Unterlüß. In Unterlüß, a sign will direct you to Hermannsburg.