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Prof. Dr. Drea Fröchtling

Practical Theology in Intercultural Perspective with special emphasis on International Diakonia

Drea Fröchtling
Tel.: 05052 48101-33

Prorektorin für Verwaltungsangelegenheiten

Academic and professional career

Year of birth: 1969

Education: Theological studies in Göttingen, Berlin (Germany) and Pietermaritzburg (South Africa)

PhD in 2000 in Systematic Theology, Title of the dissertation: "Exiled God and exiled peoples: Memoria passionis and the perception of God during and after Apartheid and Shoah"

Habilitation in 2008 in Practical Theology, Title of the post-doctoral thesis (Habilitation): "'Und dann habe ich auch noch den Kopf verloren...': Menschen mit Demenz in Theologie, Seelsorge und Gottesdienst wahrnehmen"

Occupational History 

  • Facilitator at the South African Council of Churches (SACC), Johannesburg, South Africa, Department for Justice and Reconciliation
  • Ordained pastor of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hanover (since 2006)
  • Theological consultant at the Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (ELCSA), Soweto, South Africa
  • Member of staff at Diakonia AIDS Ministries, HIV&AIDS-Project of the ELCSA Central Diocese and resource person for accompanying Community Caregivers in HIV & AIDS related care
  • Member of staff at the Evangelical-Lutheran Mission in Lower Saxony (ELM) at the desk for Southern Africa
  • Professor for Practical Theology in Intercultural Perspective with special emphasis on International Diakonia at the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology (FIT), Hermannsburg

More About Me

In my spare time I enjoy cooking and informal get-togethers with friends, inline-skating, movies that open up new hermeneutical perspectives, reading detective stories and playing board and card games.

Working at FIT comes to me as a daily gift which I thoroughly cherish. At the FIT intercultural encounters and everyday life are learning from dialogical processes – along the lines of Buber who once remarked: ‘All real life is encounter.’