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Harald Faber

Lecturer for Languages

Harald Faber
Tel.: 05052 48101-40

About Me

Year of Birth: 1955

Protestant Theology, Semitic Lingustics, Juwish Studies, Islamic Studies and Oriental Languages at Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz

Occupational History 

  • Lecturer of Hebrew: Faculty of Protestant Theology Mainz
  • Scientific employee at the Seminar for Jewish Studies, University of Mainz
  • Preacher in the Deanery of Osthofen and the Deanery of Worms
  • Teacher of Protestant Religious Education at Rudi-Stephan-Gymnasium (Classical Grammar School) in Worms
  • Assistant Pastor in Heßheim (Deanery of Frankenthal)
  • Expert Adviser for Roman Catholicism at Institute of Ecumenical Research Bensheim
  • Ministry in Jesus-Christ-Congregation in Worms (titular office)
  • Lecturer of Hebrew and Semitic Languages at Mission Seminary Hermannsburg
  • Since 2012: Lecturer for Languages at the FIT