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On FIT Campus, 90 students from 30 nations with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds are currently studying - including the Master's programme "intercultual theology" offered jointly with the University of Göttingen.

A diversity that inspires and broadens the horizon!

Introducing the AStA


We, the AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss), are your elected representatives. According to the Lower Saxony Higher Education Law, we are there to represent your cultural, social and (university concerning) political interests on campus. In concrete terms, this means being the interface between you and the university management.

One possibility for this is offered by the FHK (Fachhochschulkonferenz): The students of the two BA degree programmes each elect and send one chairman/chairwoman and one deputy to the AStA. They represent the students in the FHK, in which they also have the right to vote. A representative of the MA degree programme also participates in the meetings of the FHK as an advisory member, but has no voting rights.

Furthermore, we organize with you the social, cultural and political life on campus and in Hermannsburg. For us, politics means that everyone has the same value and every opinion counts equally. So contribute your opinion and shape the university life. If you have suggestions and criticism or simply need an open ear, speak to us!


Malia is the AStA Chairwoman. She studies “Intercultural Theology, Migration and Global Corporation” and she is in 1st Semester. Simon (ITMGZ, 3rd semester) is her deputy.

Florian (3rd semester) is a representative of the course "Intercultural Theology and Diaconia Global" and Vice Chairman. Joyce (ITDG, 3rd semester) is his deputy.

Taline (1st semester) represents the students of the MA course "Intercultural Theology" (ICT).