Information on Winter semester 2021/22 (as of 24.11.2021)

  • Teaching in winter semester 2021/22: Presence, but 3G
    The rectorate and management of FIT have decided that in winter semester 2021/22, starting from 01.11.2021, we will have classroom lectures. There will be only a few exceptions. Please pay attention to the announcements of the respective lecturers. FIT is happy to welcoming all students back to campus and to the courses.

  • In consequence, it is obligatory to attend the lectures in person on site at the FIT Campus.

  • All courses take place in compliance with the 3G rules. This means that only demonstrably vaccinated and recovered as well as officially or supervised tested students can participate in the courses or enter the library, the chapel or other public areas of the university. Eligibility for participation is checked before the start of the course.

  • Students who are required to take a Corona test will be informed of the dates by email. Please be on time for the test appointments! Those who do not attend the appointment and can not present a negative test, are excluded from the lectures and from access to chapel and library.

  • Certain rules of conduct apply on campus and in the courses, which have been summarised in the Corona handout and presented to all students by email. Please familiarise yourself with the rules and act accordingly.

  • It remains reserved to change to online mode if the pandemic situation requires.

  • All students are strongly advised to bring a personal laptop or PC with them. A smartphone is technically not sufficient for participation in online lectures and classes. Students‘ laptops or PCs should be equipped with the latest technology and software. FIT students will be given free access to the necessary programmes and applications.

  • The FIT tries to keep the disadvantages for the students as low as possible. This applies to a possible cancellation of courses as well as to the cancellation of examination dates.

  • Current information regarding courses and exams in the summer semester 2021 will be announced on the FIT homepage, in office 365 and via emails to the student addresses (FIT account). Information and instructions regarding the repetition of examinations will be given to the students concerned by email in due course.
  • Students are responsible for keeping up to date on changes and new developments via FIT Homepage, Office 365, and emails on their FIT account.

Studying at FIT

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A friendly campus with historical buildings, cosmopolitan professors, unique programmes, people from all parts of the world united in their desire to explore the cultural aspects of faith.

There are many good reasons for choosing to study at the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology in Hermannsburg. We offer two undergraduate programmes and one graduate programme.

Theological education in a global perspective

Would you like to receive theological training and acquire intercultural competencies in a global perspective? Are you interested in a good academic preparation for career opportunities in the field of migration, international social work and bridge-building between different cultures and expressions of faith? Then consider applying for one of our three academic programmes.