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B.A. Mission Studies and International Diakonia (expiring on 30.09.2021)

The degree course "Mission Studies and International Diaconia" (MID) will end on 30.09.2021. In result, no new students will be admitted to this course of study. New applications are  no longer possible for this course of studies.

Interested parties who feel addressed by the contents of the MID course of studies are recommended to take the course of studies "Intercultural Theology and Global Diaconia" (ITDG) offered instead.

Students who have already started the MID study program but have not yet completed it, please note:

As of 01.10.2021, no courses will be offered in this study programme and no examinations will be taken. 

Please make sure that you have completed any outstanding exams before the expiration date.

Main Areas of Study

The B.A. Mission Studies and International Diakonia has been primarily developed for students seeking academic qualification in the areas of mission studies and social-diaconal work, with special emphasis on issues of migration and development. The B.A. programme is practice oriented and offers core competencies in theology, mission studies, religious studies and diaconal work. Students will also acquire knowledge in Social Work, project management, development approaches, policies and strategies as well as in counseling. The B.A. MID thus qualifies for professional work in the areas mentioned as well as for further Master studies.

A praxis semester as well as internships /excursions are essential part of the curriculum. The praxis semester offers the opportunity to either work in national or in international social-diaconal or development projects.

The B.A. programme is modularized, based on 180 ECTS in 6 semesters.

Language of Instruction

Language proficiency in German and in English is required. Primary language of instruction is German.

Further Education and Job Opportunities

The B.A. MID qualifies graduates for work in national and international church-related agencies and social and diaconal projects, in Social Work with an emphasis on migration issues as well as in development NGOs or agencies.

Admission Requirements

Prerequisite for admission to the B.A. programme are either matric or a specialized degree (Fachabitur) or at least three years working experience in an area related to the B.A. degree.

Language proficiency  in German is a pre-requisite for enrolment and should be documented in standardized academic testing procedures on level DSH-2. Applicants, who can only present a certificate on level DSH-1, may be admittet to study under the condition that he or she presents a certificate on level DHS-2 by end of fourth semester.

As parts of the course are given together with the English taught study programme ITMG, applicants should also have Language proficiency in English.

Please feel free to approach us for details concerning language requirements and testing procedures and the exemption thereof. A colloquium/an inter-
view prior to admission is compulsory.

Tution Fees, Accomodation and Board

The tuition fees currently amount to 500,00 Euro per semester. For the set programme of 6 semesters these costs currently amount to 3.000,00 EUR.

The tuition fees have to be paid by the
- 31.07. for each Winter Semester
- 31.01. for each Summer Semester.

Monthly costs for lodging are 215,00 EUR.

Additional costs for security deposit for room, keys and books (currently 450,00 EUR) as well as monthly payments for internet and insurance have to be considered.

During the lecture time a meal is offered in the cafeteria at noon. The resulting costs are charged directly between caterer and students.

Admissions Office

Dietlinde Rückert
Tel.: +49 (0)5052 48101-0