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Invitation to an Ecumenical Evening with lecture of Pfarrer Martin Bräuer

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The Rector of FIT, Professor Dr. Wilhelm Richebächer, cordially invites to the Ecumenical Evening with a lecture by Pastor Martin Bräuer D.D. from Bensheim and a contribution by a Master student from Brazil.

WHEN: 22.01.2020, 19.30

WHERE: FIT Auditorium

TOPIC: Observations on the Amazon Synod

Pastor Martin Bräuer is a Catholica expert and deputy director of the Institute for Confessional Studies in Bensheim. He deals intensively with questions of ecumenism. In October 2019 he visited the Amazon Synod of the Roman Catholic Church.

In his lecture (in German; English translation available!) he will talk about the preparation, the course and the consequences so far of the Amazon Synod, also with regard to the Pope's theological concept of "synodality".

Fabiano Soares, a student of the Master's program from Brazil,will give an introductory report in English on his previous work in the Church in the Amazon region.

10th Anniversary Symposium MA Intercultural Theology

Zehn Kerzen

In December 2019, the MA programme "Intercultural Theology" (ICT), jointly organized by the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg, celebrated its tenth anniversary with a symposium on the topic 

"Dialogues and Dynamics -
Interculturality in Theology and Religious Studies".

Information on the event, which has already taken place, can be found at the following link:

Further information on the Symposium

Public Inaugural Lecture of Dr. Moritz Fischer

MF bei der Antrittsvorlesung

Since 01.04.2019 Dr. Moritz Fischer is a lecture at the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg (FIT) and holds the professorship for "World Christianities and Mission History". On 09.11.2019 he gave his inaugural lecture at FIT. 

After an introductory service led by Pastor Michael Thiel, Director of the Ev.-luth. Missionswerk in Lower Saxony, and Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Richebächer, Rector of the FIT, and musically framed by the students Eri Yoon (piano) and Viktar Niachayeu (guitar), Dr. Fischer gave a lecture to colleagues and students of the FIT as well as about 35 guests from Hermannsburg and all over Germany on the topic "Mission: Distanced from the evil power".

A photo report and a summary of the lecture can be found on the following links:

Warm welcome to the new students at FIT

Erstsemester WS 2019-2020

On 21 October 2019 Rector Professor Dr. Wilhelm Richebächer and the team of the FIT welcomed a total of 30 new BA and MA students from 15 countries to the start of the courses in the winter semester 2019/2020. They come from Ethiopia, Bangladesh, China, Germany, Georgia, Ghana, India, Iran, Kenya, Korea, Nepal, Nigeria, Belarus and the USA to study in the South Heath. 

During the orientation week from 15.10. to 20.10.2019, the "newcomers" got to know the campus and the FIT team as well as the towns of Hermannsburg and Hannover. 

On an "evening of encounter", the new students returned the favor for the warm welcome by presenting themselves and their home country with its cultural peculiarities in various presentations. The entertaining programme ranged from an Indian poem, picture presentations and songs from Korea, India, Belarus, Ethiopia, Egypt and Ghana to a Chinese tea ceremony, a Nepalese dance and the serving of culinary delicacies from Ethiopia and Germany. The audience was enthusiastic about the creativity of the participants and the sometimes very touching contributions!

The students now face exciting, but also challenging years of academic education, for which Rector Richebächer gave them the following: "We are very pleased that you have decided to study intercultural theology and want to enter a profession that practically helps people to overcome hatred, exclusion and disrespect. On the basis of our faith and in the richness of the various spiritual traditions that you all bring with you, it is possible here in Germany, as in many other places, to prevent violence and wars between worldviews and religions, but also wars between insatiable people against creation".

What is FIT? FIT is an intercultural family with a strong vision

Graduates 2019 with lecturers

On 21.09.2019, FIT solemnly graduated this year's graduates of the Bachelor programmes "Mission Science and International Diakonia" as well as "Intercultural Theology, Migration and Congregational Leadership". In addition, a student of the Master's programme "Intercultural Theology" was congratulated.

After a communion service conducted by the FIT lecturers Prof. Dr. Drea Fröchtling and Dr. Moritz Fischer, the speech of the Rector Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Richebächer on the topic of "Strengthening Vision" and greetings from Mr. Detlef Kohrs (Managing Director of the Ev.-luth. Missionswerk) and Mr. Rainer Vogeler (Südheide congregation), the graduates finally received the Bachelor certificates in front of around 100 relatives, friends and guests. For this award, the graduates had worked hard, partly 6 semesters (full-time studies), partly 8 semesters (part-time studies).

Sanjog Patro took the floor for the graduates from a total of 6 nations and asked himself and those present: "What is FIT?" His conclusion: FIT is an intercultural family with unique, weak and at the same time very special members from many countries of the world.

Please find the detailed report of the graduation ceremony under the following link:

"Time to say good bye" - On his farewell Dr. William Obaga emphasizes the importance of FIT for the churches

Dr. William Obaga_2

At the end of the summer semester, students, lecturers, co-workers and supporters of the FIT as well as representatives of the ELM bid farewell to lecturer and choir director Dr. William Obaga with a moving celebration. 

In his "end-of.semester-devotion" Principal Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Richebächer thanked Dr. Obaga for his commitment for FIT both as lecturer for church music with focus on Africa and as director of FIT choir. "With the FIT choir you brought up a new tradition and inspired the choir members". 

Also the members of FIT choir paid tribute to the work of Dr. Obaga. "He succeeded in bringing the choir to a new musical level - but not to forget the pure joy of singing", they said. 

Dr. Obaga was pleased with all the appreciation and thanked for being part of the FIT community. "I go back to Kenya enriched", he said.

Dr. Obaga`s moving conclusion after 7 semesters at the University of Applied Sciences: "In times of globalization FIT is a unique and important place. Here, students learn to better understand people from other backgrounds. By this the FIT also has an important function for the churches, which are also confronted with the consequences of globalisation and have to find answers."

Farewell for Students of MA ICT (group 9)

On Juli 4th, 2019 the students of MA Intercultural Theology (group 9) met some of their lecturers from University of Göttingen (Dean Prof. Dr. Bernd Schröder, PD Dr. Fritz Heinrich) and University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsbrug (Principal Prof. Wilhelm Richebächer, Prof. Ulrike Schröder) for a last get-together in Göttingen, before they finish their studies soon and disappear into different directions.The group of guests was completed by the new inspector of the Theological Seminary (Theologisches Stift) Dr. Benjamin Apsel and the coordinator of the MA programme in Göttingen, Dr. Cornelia Schlarb.

For all, who are involved in the Master Programme, it is a great joy every year anew to see the positive development of the students in the course of their studies.

FIT wishes all Master students every success, happiness and God's blessing in their future academic and personal lives.

You can find Dr. Schlarb`s report of the happy get-together in the info box on the right.

First dies academicus 2019 at FIT

On the 21.05.2019 the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg invited its graduates of the previous three years to a first dies academicus, thus giving graduates, current students and interested guests the opportunity to get together to exchange thoughts on academic topics.

The topic chosen by the university governance for the discussions was:´Migrants, “Ossis” and Religion: Religious Changes in Germany since the beginning of the 21st century`. Two lectures and a workshop provided a platform for discussions on contemporary religious developments in Germany, i.e. the changes the two mainline churches are facing as a result of a dramatic and continual reduction of church membership numbers as opposed to the growth of religious diversity due to the immigration of people to Germany.

Prof Alexander K. Nagel from the University of Göttingen, who has analysed and studied the migration of refugees, lectured on a whole series of social issues. Empirical research for example has shown that within the Muslim groups there is great potential for mobilizing support for the migrants. Prof Dr Daniel Cyranka from the University of Halle lectured in detail on the situation of the Protestant churches in eastern Germany today and critically analysed the perceptions the different social groups have of one another.

During a panel discussion graduates of the University of Applied Sciences (Francis Abdelmassieh, MA und Evet Bebawy, BA) and the university’s predecessor, the Mission Seminary (Pastor Ulrich Storck, Diesdorf) reported, from a practical perspective, on religious pluralism in their fields of work. Their reports highlighted the development of ambivalent religious streams in Germany and the difficulties faced preventing  east German church membership from dwindling any further while arabic speaking church congregations grow. FIT graduates‘ work experience has however shown that intercultural work greatly helps to improve communication between all groups and break down religious rigorism.

At the joint lunch students, graduates as well as lecturers and staff members had the opportunity to network and exchange information.

Prof Dr Wilhelm Richebächer, FIT Rector, thanked all the organizers of the first successful dies academicus  and said: „The dies academicus showed that all participants are very interested in keeping in contact and exchanging ideas on socially relevant topics. The dies academicus should thus be a permanent fixture on the FIT curriculum.“