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University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology

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The University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology (FIT) is specializing in the fields of intercultural theology, diaconia and ecumenical cooperation in a global context. Students acquire in praxis-oriented teaching and research the essential intercultural, theological and social diaconal qualifications to deal with the everchanging challenges being faced in the wake of globalization.

The FIT is also an exceptional place of intercultural and interreligious encounter: Students from Germany and all over the world live and learn together and share with one another their diverse theological and cultural backgrounds.

In particular our students perceive the internationality and interculturality on campus, combined with the special range of courses offered at our university of applied sciences, as unique and horizon widening. At the FIT students do not only learn about Intercultural Theology in the lectures, but they live it every day in the community. Here you are "FACING GOD AND THE WORLD"!

Let yourself be inspired by this diversity!


20th Ludwig-Harms-Symposium

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At the end of May 2021, the Ludwig Harms Board of Trustees hosted the 20th symposium dedicated to a mission history theme: Investigations on the "entangled history" of colonialism and mission in a new perspective.
At the centre of the event with 11 lectures and vivid discussions of the approximately 80 registered participants from about 40 nations was the attempt to show new perspectives on fundamental topics of mission history. In doing so, social, religious, ideological and political-historical references of mission history were illuminated.
A detailed report on the event and the flyer with the programme of the event can be found here: https://www.fh-hermannsburg-eng.landeskirche-hannovers.de/About-FIT/Events---meetings---conferences


Mission Committee decides to close FIT after a transitional period. Admission to studies beginning in winter semester 2021/22 still possible!

The Mission Committee of the Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Lower Saxony (ELM) decided on the 09.03.2021 to phase out the two Bachelor degree programmes at the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg. Although the FIT enjoys a high reputation, especially among actors from science, mission and ecumenism, because of the good quality in teaching and research as much as because of its educational offer relevant for society and churches, financial aspects ultimately had priority in the decision-making of the MA. FIT has taken a position on the closure decision as follows: Open letter FIT to closure decision

Even though our university will be closing in a few years, we may accept Bachelor students for the very last time in October 2021. Take advantage of this last opportunity to study Intercultural Theology at our University of Applied Sciences, which is unique in its global and international concept, and apply for one of our Bachelor-Programmes!

The university will continue to operate for as long as it takes to enable all students, who have already begun their studies or will beginn their studies in winter semester 2021/22, to complete their degree programme within the standard or maximum period of study in accordance with the respective Examination Regulations.

For details on the Mission Committee`s decision please check here: PM ELM 09.03.2021.

Further information are available here: https://www.fh-hermannsburg-eng.landeskirche-hannovers.de/News-and-events

A word on Corona

As the number of infections with the Covid-19 virus continues to be at a hight level worldwide and also in Germany, caution and appropriate behaviour are still necessary.

In your own interest, in the interest of the entire university community and in the interest of all our fellow human beings, the following still applies: Eeach and every one of us can and should counteract the spread of the Vovid-19 virus by acting in solidarity and by adhering to certain rules. Therefore, please read and observe the notes and recommendations on the following link, inform yourself daily about the current situation and act accordingly. Many thanks!

Information on Corona and on Winter Semester 2020/21