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Important notes, information and announcements on corona virus (as of 27.04.2020)

In view of the increasing number of corona infections in Germany and also in Lower Saxony, FIT feels obliged to give information and advice to FIT employees, students and guests.

The management of FIT takes the dangers and possible consequences emanating from Coronavirus seriously and strive to keep the spread of infections to a minimum. Future risk assessments and decisions must be based on the current situation and the current state of knowledge. The recommendations and instructions of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the Federal Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, the Federal Foreign Office and the local health authority are decisive for us.



  • Following the urgent recommendation of the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK), the Rectorate of FIT Hermannsburg has decided: 

    The Start of Lectures in Summer Semester 2020 is postponed from April 14th 2020 to April 20th 2020. As a result, all courses on Campus of FIT scheduled until April 19, 2020, including the block seminars planned for the beginning of April 2020, had to be cancelled.
    The following applies for the period from 20.04.2020:
    Until further notice, teaching in classroom form is suspended. NO PRESENCE EVENTS such as lectures or seminars are offered ON FIT PREMISES. Instead, all courses are held digitally (Online Teaching via MA Teams). For futher information, please check here:
  • At present it is not possible to predict, on which date and to what extent teaching can be resumed on campus again. You will be notified as soon as it is clear from what date classroom teaching at FIT will begin again. 

  • The FIT tries to keep the disadvantages for the students as low as possible. This applies to the cancellation of courses as well as to the cancellation of examination dates. Corresponding offers are currently being developed and will be communicated as soon as reliable planning is possible.

  • Information regarding courses and exams in the summer semester 2020 will be announced on the FIT homepage, in office 365 and via emails to the student addresses (FIT account). Information and instructions regarding the repetition of examinations scheduled for the beginning of April 2020 will be given to the students concerned by email in due course.
    Students are responsible for keeping up to date on changes and new developments via FIT Homepage, Office 365, and emails on their FIT account.

  • No access to the public buildings on campus:
    According to the general disposition of the administrative district Celle, all public areas of the FIT (administration building [house 1], the teaching building and the library) are closed to the public.

  • Contact to / Service of FIT Staff:
    Until further notice, FIT Staff will not be present in their offices during the otherwise valid opening hours. So we are not fully staffed on site - but we are still there for you. Contact via e-mail and telephone will be maintained as far as possible.
    In case of questions, worries, urgent concerns or health problems, please contact the student secretariat or the university management via e-mail or by telephone. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please, understand that due to the current situation not all inquiries can be processed immediately and to the usual extent.

  • No interlibrary loan:
    Until further notice, the GBV (Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund) has stopped interlibrary loan for all libraries.

  • Return to FIT Campus:
    • Please do not plan your journey to FIT until you have been informed by what date the attendance courses can be started in the summer semester.
    • Important for our planning: Please inform the student secretariat as soon as possible by phone or email ( where you are staying now and when you intend to return to  to FIT.
    • For further important information regarding your return to FIT Campus please check here:
  • Wearing of mouth-nose masks:
    From 27 April 2020, it is compulsory to all users of public transport (buses, trains and taxis) and all customers of shops to wear a mouth-nose mask. For details check here:

  • In times of Corona: Cordial invitation to a common prayer daily at 6 pm (see next chapter on this page).

However, each and every one of you can and should also counteract the spread of the virus by acting responsibly (e.g. KEEPING "SOCIAL DISTANCE" by strict physical distance in combination with social contact via telephone or internet) in your own interest, in the interest of the entire university community and in the interest of all our fellow human beings - even if this involves restrictions. Therefore, please read and observe the information and recommendations under the following link, inform yourself daily about the current situation and act accordingly.

Important notes and information on coronavirus

In times of Corona: Cordial invitation to common prayer

Chapel in colourful light

Dear FIT community, dear believers,

In these days of global corona pandemic and social distancing because of Corona, FIT would like to call to come together - in thoughts and with prayer - as community of FIT and as community of believers.

Just as many thousands of churches in Germany ring their bells at a certain time to unite all believers, we invite you - each and everyone in their own home - to pray together every evening at 6 pm. Under the following link you will find a proposal created by Dr. Moritz Fischer: FIT-Prayer-at-home-in-times-of-Corona-.pdf



Welcome to FIT

The University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology (FIT) is specializing in the fields of intercultural theology, diaconia and ecumenical cooperation in a global context. Students acquire in praxis-oriented teaching and research the essential intercultural, theological and social diaconal qualifications to deal with the everchanging challenges being faced in the wake of globalization.

The FIT is also an exceptional place of intercultural and interreligious encounter: Students from Germany and all over the world live and learn together and share with one another their diverse theological and cultural backgrounds.

In particular our students perceive the internationality and interculturality on campus, combined with the special range of courses offered at our university of applied sciences, as unique and horizon widening.

At FIT students do not only learn about Intercultural Theology in the lectures, but they live it every day in the community.

Let yourself be inspired by this diversity!