The University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg (FIT) adopted on the 12.04.2016 a research profile, which lays down the foundations of research at the FIT.

Accordingly the FIT is an institution, where academic research work is constantly beeing carried out.

This academic research work contributes to ensuring an appropriate and contempletative dealing with the challenges of cultural, confessional and religious plurality, not only in Germany but also worldwide. Through the research prospects for a future-oriented ecomenical cooperation in the context of migration and globalization shall be developed.

In accordance with this objective the FIT faculty members do academic research in the follwing fields:

  • Migration and religion
  • Biblical research from an intercultural perspective
  • Intercultural history of Christianity
  • Systematic theology and hermeneutics from an intercultural perspective
  • Mission studies and international diaconia
  • Social work from an intercultural perspective
  • Religious studies and inter-faith encounters
  • Development studies

Additional important interdisciplinary issues of research are migration and flight, critical reflection on intercultural and inter-faith encounters as well as transnational or global experiences and perspectives.

Both in disciplinary and interdisciplinary research a consistent intercultural  approach with close practical references is applied. The researchers integrate their activities in their practice-oriented teaching to foster the research-based learning.

The aim of the research work is to establish the FIT as a recognized institution for intercultural, theological and inter-faith scholarship and propagate academic achievements in the fields of migration and religion, international diaconia and development in a church related context.

More information of the individual research fields in German

Research Fellow

Ulrike Schröder
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schröder
Tel.: 05052 48101-35

Religionswissenschaft und interreligiöse Begegnung